Protect & Survive

Nuclear War....It's just a game?

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In 1984, amid fears of a nuclear war, the BBC produced and broadcast “Threads” the story of a nuclear strike on the UK. Then, the Doomsday Clock stood at two and half minutes to midnight. In 2020, the Doomsday Clock stands at 100 seconds to midnight.

On government lists, Brighton is identified as one of the five locations in the UK that would not be a target in a nuclear war with the USSR. The city may survive but, imagine what life would be like in Brighton if this happened. The chaos, the anguish, the resilience… WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SURVIVE?

A series of 9 monologues take you on a journey from the day before to 1,000 years after such a nuclear attack.

Day Zero – 1 by Jonathan Williamson with Tigger Blaize as Esme.
Day Zero by Colin Brake with Amy Sutton as Carol
Day Zero + 7 by Gareth Strachan with Russell Shaw as Darren
Day Zero + 12 by Robert Cohen with Sorcha Brooks as Fran 
Day Zero + 21 by Alexander Lynch with Justin K Hayward as The Banker
Day Zero + 120 by Simon Jenner with Philippa Hammond as The Farmer
Day Zero + 300 by Jonathan Williamson with Penny Scott Andrews as Cathy
Day Zero + 4,380 by Simon Jenner with Owen Bleach as The Boy
Day Zero + 1,000 years by Simon Jenner with Jack Kristiansen as Oliver

Producer:  Simon Moorhead.
The Protect & Survive Monologues are published by Waterloo Press and are available at

A TBC Audio Original Production
Year: 2018