The Boleyn Brothers

Up the Hammers!

A Full Cast Audio Production. Inspired by the true events that happened as detailed in the Battalion War Diary.   Over a thousand ordinary men from the borough of West Ham, would go on to fight in some of the most horrific and deadly battles of the First World War. From the basic training on Wanstead Flats through to the deadly meat-grinder of the Somme and finally their epic last stand at Cambrai, the Pals of West Ham saw continuous duty until they were disbanded on 10th February 1918.

Featuring ROBERT BOULTER as George Hancock, JACK KRISTIANSEN as Walter, OWEN BLEACH as Henry, ANDY CRESSWELL as Tom, PAUL MORRIARTY as Sgt. Moore, JOHN SPOUR as Frank Jenns, EMMA WINGROVE as Izzie, JUSTIN K HAYWARD as Captain Keeble, ROBERT COHEN as Lt. Fairweather, DAN GREEST as Private Stag, PETER ELLIOTT as Lt. Col. Papillon, PETER WALSH as Private Price, MATT BEAUMONT as Private Tettmar, AMY SUTTON as Madam, RUSSELL SHAW as Corp 2nd Staffs, PHILIPPA HAMMOND as Nurse, MURRAY HECHT as Recruitment Sgt and GUY WAH as the Surgeon.

Sound Design – SIMON MOORHEAD & ASHLEY SLATER, Associate Producer BEVERLEY HURLL, Executive Producer ANDREW WANNIARATCHY, Technical and Historical Advisors – RUARAIDH ADAM-CAIRNS & ELLIOTT TAYLOR, Sound Engineer – JAKE SKINNER, Original Music & Trombone – ASHLEY SLATER, Cornets & Tenor Horn – CHRIS BATCHELOR and Tuba & Ophicleide – JEFF MILLER.

Writer  Jonathan Williamson
Producer & Director  Simon Moorhead

Coming soon as a digital download on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and TBC.Audio

A TBC Audio Original Production
Year: November 2018