St Dunstan’s

The fourth emergency service

A priest is no longer a “See me on Sunday in Church” man apart. He is in the front line, alongside the police, medical profession and social services.

Once these other agencies have finished with the casualties of society, the priest is often left to pick up the pieces left by an intolerant and selfish world.

The Priest is someone who cares.  The Priest is someone who will fight for the community.  The Priest is often their only salvation.

Each story will be seen through the eyes of  a priest and his two curates, following  their working lives as they administer the spiritual care at  St. Dunstan’s, a large imposing Roman Catholic Church situated in a rundown area of a seaside resort on the south coast.

The series is a mirror, allowing the audience at home to examine their own personal and private conflicts.  The stories will reflect the society we live in. Not big world issues – but the problems that challenge us all.  Episodes will be both dramatic and uncompromising in their view of society. But the series will be by no means down beat – our stories will reveal sorrow and happiness, death is balanced by birth, and humour will offset the gritty realism of the horrors of life.

A TBC Audio Original Production.
Year: 2018