Protect & Survive

Nuclear War....It's just a game?

Brighton is identified as one of the few locations in the UK that would not be a target in a nuclear war.  Imagine what life would be like in the city if the unthinkable happened.  The chaos, the anguish, the resilience…  What would you do to survive?  A series of 5 monologues take you on a journey from the day zero to 4 months after a nuclear attack.  Inspired by the 1984 BBC film ” Threads”.

Day Zero.  As part of the Brighton Council’s Emergency Response Team, Carol reflects on  life  when 160 nuclear warheads strike the mainland in the next three minutes.  Written by Colin Brake with Amy Sutton as Carol.

Day Zero plus 7.  Britain has been decimated by the nuclear strike. But for Darren, the postman the horror has only just begun.  Written by Gareth Strachan with Russell Shaw as Darren.

Day Zero plus 12.  Brighton is now under siege.  Medical supplies are running out and  Chief Surgeon Fran finds she is being asked to play God.  Written by Robert Cohen with Sorcha Brooks as Fran.

Day Zero plus 21.  This darkly humorous script tells the story of a London banker, now in a world where money has no value.  Written by Alexander Lynch with  Justin K Hayward as the Banker.

Day Zero plus 121.  As the nuclear winter starts to take hold, few survive and food is becoming scarce.  Written by Simon Jenner with Philippa Hammond as The Farmer.

Producer  Simon Moorhead

A TBC Audio Original Production
Year: 2018

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