Invasion Earth 1899

The Invasion of Earth.

1899… The end of the nineteenth century approaches… It is a time of hope. A time of excitement. A time to look to the future… But perhaps that future will never arrive…  The Martians need a new home. And they have set their sights on Earth!  But first they will need to conquer it… These are the first-hand accounts of some of those brave souls that witnessed, first-hand, the Invasion of Earth!

The Coming of the Martians.  A strange cylinder has landed at Horsell Common and a young woman comes face to face with a Martian.  Written by Colin Brake with Amy Sutton as Ann.

The Martians Rise.  The Martians have landed on Earth and have started to build their destructive tripods. Sydney Atherton, a scientist who specialises in chemical warfare, believes he has the solution, but is he too late? Written by Jonathan Williamson with Joshua Crisp as Sydney Atherton.

Thunder Child.  A Spanish Assassin has been sent to kill Atherton. When fleeing London, she witnesses the destruction of the Thunder Child.   Written by Jonathan Williamson with Shaila Alvarez as Magdalena.

The Red Weed.  Hector flees London with his man servant and dog Badger, but his journey is hampered by The Red weed that is spreading.  Written by Andrew Cartmel with  Murray Hecht as Hector.

The Final Victory.  Farther Martin celebrates with his congregation the death of the Martians. Written by Colin Brake with Andy Cresswell as Father Martin.

Producer  Simon Moorhead

A TBC Audio Original Production
Year: 2018