Swan Healer

Scotland's answer to Dr. Ruth.


Len Baker 
was a motorcycle racing legend in the 1960’s, a scarred veteran of the gruelling and dangerous Isle of Man TT Race.  Today Len is a respected  motorbike craftsman whose custom machines are the last word in speed and power.

Widowed and misanthropic, Len operates out of a ramshackle workshop in the Norfolk Broads which looks like a cross between Scott’s Hut and a Motorcycle museum.  Len doesn’t suffer fool’s or officials gladly, which is a problem for a man who is way behind on his Rent and Council Tax.  All the ignored humdrum realities of everyday life are about to hit Len like a brick wall at 120 mph, a reality check of seismic proportions

Writer   Robert Dowling / Simon Moorhead
Producer / Director  / Robert Dowling / Simon Moorhead

A TBC Audio  / Robert Dowling Production
Year: 2017