A teenager is forced to confront a murderer by the ghost of his victim.

A full-cast drama in three episodes.  A monstrous concrete estate is home to teenager Finn, where he suffers at the hands of the local gangs.  Everything changes when the ghost of a murder victim appears to Finn.  Now it’s his persecutors turn to feel very afraid but Finn will discover there is a price to pay.

Featuring  EMILY CARDING as Rebecca, PAUL MORIARTY as Duncan, EVA SAVAGE as Elizabeth, OWEN BLEACH as Finn,  TIGGER BLAIZE as Jay, JUSTIN K HAYWARD as Marcus and SHAILA ALVAREZ as Billie De Santos.

Artwork by GIUSEPPE LAMA,  Sound Design SIMON MOORHEAD, Associate Producer BEVERLEY HURLL.  This production is supported by public funding from Arts Council England.

Writer  Jonathan Williamson
Director  Joshua Crisp
Producer  Simon Moorhead

A TBC Audio Original Production
Year: 2018