Blake’s Seven – the audio adventures

A Rebellion Reborn

Blake’s 7 – The Audio Adventures: RebelTraitor and Liberator follow Blake’s incarceration; the forging of his
legendary crew; and their capture of a mysterious alien spacecraft.

Rob Blake stood up for the ordinary people.  When the establishment tried intimidation he laughed in their faces,
when they tried to crush him he fought back.  Finally they framed him for crimes he didn’t commit and sentenced
him to permanent exile on the notorious prison planet of Cygnus Alpha.  The Federation thinks it has seen the last of
Roj Blake.   The Federation will wish it had.

Featuring DEREK RIDDELL (The Missing) as Roj Blake, COLIN SALMON (Law and Order:UK) as Kerr Avon,
DANIELA NARDINI (This Life) as Supreme Commander Servalan, CRAIG KELLY (Queer as Folk) as Travis,
OWEN AARONOVITCH (The Tudors) as Gan, DEAN HARRIS (Grange Hill) as Vila
and CARRIE DOBRO (Babylon 5) as Jenna,

Guest artists include MICHAEL PRAED (Robin of Sherwood), DOUG BRADLEY (Hellraiser),
RULA LENSKA (Inside No.9), FRANCES BARBER (Mr. Holmes), NICK BRAMBLE (Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves)
and INDIA FISHER (Peep Show)

Writers  Ben Aaronovitch (Rebel), Marc Platt (Traitor),  James Swallow (Liberator)
Director Andrew Mark Sewell

Client: B7 Productions.
Year: 2007

Role: Executive Producer