A Leap in the Dark

99% of evidence that alleges to be paranormal is either erroneous or fraudulent. That leaves 1% of information that, at present, defies explanation.

A Leap in the Dark is an anthology series with a supernatural theme.

Presented by a British psychologist specialising in the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, cognition and emotion. Each story is a docudrama re-enacting real life cases of paranormal occurences.

1). The Rosenheim Poltergeist.
2). The Alepesbury Haunting
3). The Search for Pat MacAdam
4). The Vandy Case
5). Dream Me a Winner
6). The Fetch
7). The Ghost of Ardachie Lodge
8). Parlour Games
9). Demon Murder Trial
10). Black Eyed Ghost of Cannock Chase

The series sets out to explore the complicated question of “What is a Ghost”. Maybe the answer is as the Sceptics believe, “it is all psychological” or maybe as the Psychics believe, “It is the spirits of the dead” – or maybe it is something in between.

A TBC Audio Original Production.
Year: 2018