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The Sonic Society

We are very proud at The other 1% that we have been featured on The Sonic Society platform. The Sonic Society showcases the very best in Audio Drama. In the double-feature are Episode 1 of The Boleyn Brothers and Episode 1 of Invasion Earth.

A big thank you to everyone at The Sonic Society

UFO Diaries

A great article in this months Fortean Times exploring the story of the alleged SAS prank that was behind the famous UFO sitings at Rendlesham Forest in the 1980’s.

The writing team of Colin Brake and Andrew Cartmel have in the last few days delivered the scripts for The UFO Diaries a new six part Monologue series that is published starting Friday 1st March. More news throughout February

BBC Drama Podcasts

In a recent study by Ellis Watts for BBC Sounds which was published in December 2018 explored the rise of Drama podcast productions over the last decade. Having only been going for six months, we were very excited and honoured to be included in the survey.  Here’s a link to the full PDF study if you’d like to read the full extract, It is fantastic to see the medium developing and we are proud to be part of it.

“Overview of the UK Drama Podcast Industry
Like anything in podcasting, this is a constantly shifting landscape – and whilst there are certainly major figures and ‘household names’, these are liable to change.

It’s worth noting that whilst there is a cluster of independent audio drama from the UK that seems to have tapped into the US podcast drama audience, there are also several majordrama podcasts which seem to have found entirely separate communities. As a rule, there doesn’t seem to be much conversation between the producers of shows made by large networks or on major budgets (such as the BBC productions) and the indiecommunity.

As it stands, therefore, audio drama in the UK exists in several distinct spheres – each of which seem to have their own major players, and most of which rarely communicate with one another. These have been navigated as effectively as possible to provide a brief, readable summary.

The following is a list of the Top 10 US Drama Podcasts

The List

1. Welcome to Night Vale

2. The Adventure Zone

3. We’re Alive

4. The Black Tapes / TANIS

5. Hello From the Magic Tavern

6. Limetown

7. Alice Isn’t Dead

8. The Bright Sessions

9. Wolf 359

10. The Message

Honourable mentions: Archive 81King Falls AMArs ParadoxicaEOS 10