About Us

To nurture reading and provoke discussion




Established by award winning producer Simon Moorhead, TBC Audio is a Brighton based production company formed to create and distribute original, premium,     full-cast audio theatre outside of London.  We use live performance and audio drama to tell breathtaking, epic and powerful stories.

While working with existing local actors and writers, the company also actively looks to create opportunities for new and emerging talent.

We look to perform our productions as live theatre plays in community and rural venues.  Then we move into the studio to record the stories as audio plays.  The finished product is then freely distributed through High Street outlets.




Part of our target audience is the 13% of the UK population who suffer either from loss of vision or some form of dyslexia, making audio drama one of the few forms of entertainment they enjoy.  But our stories are for everyone!

Gripping the imaginations of a younger audience is also important to us.  Stories can nurture the joy of reading and provoke discussion.

For us, storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques we have as humans to communicate and motivate.